Robot Categories

Imagine it. Built it. Control it.


Servo Erector Set PRO (LSS-P)

Lynxmotion’s professional series of smart servos and brackets act as a modular building system to build large and powerful robots. The professional smart servos can be used on their own or daisy chained as part of larger assemblies. Use the system to create custom robotic projects, from a powerful smart winch, or a pan and tilt to a robot leg or a multi-degree of freedom articulated arm. The brackets, base and other parts are black anodized aluminum and connection tubes are in durable carbon fiber. The professional servos use a high torque and very precise wave gear system matched with high torque stepper motors. The communication protocol is human readable and easy to understand and implement.


PRO Arms & Related

Lynxmotion’s professional series of modular robotic arms / manipulators are similar in style to “collaborate robots” (cobots), but are fully modular. They can be reconfigured, and are easy to control using the LSS-PRO human readable communication protocol. Several kits are available.

Servo Erector Set V2 (LSS)

Think of the Lynxmotion Servo Erector Set (SES) V2 system as an evolution of the SES V1 system. It is a modular robot building set but instead of RC servos, the SESV2 uses Smart Servos.It’s possible to build custom robots to your specifications! Brackets are black anodized aluminum and plastic parts are in durable black Lexan. Ball bearings at each degree of freedom provide for precise, low friction movement. Tubing, hubs and hub connectors  expand what is possible to build. 

SES-V2 Arms & Accessories

Lynxmotion’s smart servo based arms  include three degree of freedom (3DoF), 4 DoF and 5DoF Robotic Arms and accessories. These are intended as hobby / scale versions of industrial robotic arms and use Lynxmotion’s SES v2 electronics and hardware. Software libraries are available, and arms can be controlled using the Windows-based LSS FlowArm program.

SES-V2 Legged

The Lynxmotion  mechDOG Quadrapod is a collaboration between Lynxmotion and Mech-Dickel Robotics to create a four-legged (quadruped / quadrapod) robot “dog” with similar degrees of freedom to a mammal. This medium sized platform is intended to provide users with a smart servo based platform for indoor development and experimentation.

Servo Erector Set V1 (RC)

Think of the Lynxmotion series of servo brackets as a modular building set for servos. These components are extremely versatile, making virtually any mechanical arrangement possible. It’s possible to build custom robots to your specifications! The brackets are black anodized aluminum and plastic parts are in durable black Lexan. Ball bearings at each degree of freedom provide for precise, low friction movement. The tubing, hubs and hub connectors are precision fit and really expand what is possible to build. Servo Erector Set (SES) is bordering custom robotics as it allows you to integrate third party sensors and products.

SES-V1 Arms & Accessories

The Lynxmotion AL5 series robotic arms feature base rotation, single plane shoulder, elbow, wrist motion, a functional gripper, and several optional upgrades such as wrist rotation, vacuum suction cup. These robotic arms offer an affordable system with a time tested, solid design that will last and last. Several sizes of arms, in a variety of configurations are available.

SES-V1 Legged

The Lynxmotion Phoenix 3DOF Hexapod Robot Kit (with BotBoarduino) has a natural looking, articulate leg and body design. The three DOF (degree of freedom) leg design means this robot can walk in any direction. The robot uses 18x Hitec HS-645 servos. The combo kit includes everything you need to build a functional robot except battery and charger. Quite possibly the nicest looking commercially available hexapod out there.

A4WD3 Rugged Rovers

Wheeled and tracked robots are still the backbone of mobile robotics and Lynxmotion offers a selection of durable and proven professional mobile platforms as part of the A4WD3 series. These rovers are general purpose mobile robotic platforms which can be used for many applications, from development platforms to surveillance and inspection and more.

A4WD1 & Tri-Track Rovers

Lynxmotion offers several small rovers including the A4WD1 and Tri-Track. The 4WD1 Rover is a robust, modifiable, and expandable chassis for your RC or autonomous robot experimentation. Four metal gear motors connected to popular RC truck tires and wheels means the robot has excellent traction. The Sabertooth 2×10 R/C motor controller is suggested for control and there is plenty of room inside for additional electronics. Lynxmotion Servo Erector Set (SES) compatibility means brackets, servos, sensors and even a robotic arm can be added. Additional decks permit even more expansion and even add a Lynxmotion robot arm!.

UAV's & Drones

Lynxmotion offers several UAVs including the VTail series, the Crazy2Fly, HQuad500 and Multirotor Erector Set. These drones can be used for fun flying or as autonomous development platforms. Unlike commercial drones which normally use injection-molded frames, sections of these frames can be replaced in the event of a crash. G10 and aluminum materials make these rigid but lightweight.