About Us

 About Lynxmotion
Lynxmotion offers a variety of hobby and research level robot kits and parts, most precisely the modular robotics building system known as the Lynxmotion Servo Erector Set.

Imagine it. Built it. control it.™
Lynxmotion has been founded in 1995 by Jim Frye (The Robot Guy), due to his fascination with robotics and a frustration with the available robot-based kits. Lynxmotion has made a serious commitment to manufacture and distribute the absolute highest quality educational robot kits. The kits are in use teaching many aspects of robotics all over the world. These are not "toys", but vehicles for teaching and learning complex robotic principles. They are a lot of fun, though.

RobotShop inc., acquired Lynxmotion in august 2012.

 About RobotShop
Founded in 2003, RobotShop Distributon Inc. is proud to put robotics at your service. We specialize in personal and professional robot technology and offer a wide range of robotic products and services in this sector.
 Our mission
At RobotShop, our mission is to put robotics at your service!
 Our vision
At RobotShop, our vision is to be the World leading source for personal and professional robot technology that help increase the pleasure, knowledge, liberty and security of individuals. We are also committed to promoting and advocating the interest and necessity of robotics use towards positive ends, allowing humanity to attain a better world.