A-Pod Combo Kit (no electronics)
A-Pod Combo Kit (no electronics)

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  • Basic A-Pod frame, hardware and servos
  • Durable aluminum and plastic parts
  • 25x Hitec 645MG servos included
  • Requires additional electronics

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  • A-Pod Body Kit (APODB-KT)
  • A-Pod Mandibles Kit (APODM-KT)
  • A-Pod Tail Kit (APODT-KT)
  • 3 x A-Pod Leg Pair (APODL-KT)
  • 6x Servo extension cables - 6"
  • 1 x Servo Extender Cable - 24" (SEA-03)
  • 25 x HS-645MG (133 oz. in.) Standard Servos
Requires (sold separately)
  • BotBoarduino or other microcontroller
  • SSC-32 Servo Controller (SSC-32)
  • USB data transfer cable