3DOF T-HEX Combo Kit (no electronics)
3DOF T-HEX Combo Kit (no electronics)

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  • Product differs from image shown
  • Includes brackets, frame and hardware for 3DoF T-Hex Hexapod
  • Includes 18x Hitec HS-645MG servos
  • Additional parts required and sold separately

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  • 3x 3DoF T-Hex Leg pairs
  • 1x T-Hex body
  • 18x Hitec standard sized servos (HS-645MG suggested)
  • 6x servo extender cables
Requires (sold separately):
  • Servo controller (SSC-32 suggested)
  • Microcontroller (BotBoarduino suggested)
  • Battery (6V, 2500mAh+ suggested) / charger
  • PS2 remote control & wiring