Crazy2Fly QuadCopter (Base Combo Kit)
Crazy2Fly QuadCopter (Base Combo Kit)

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  • Crazy2Fly Frame and mounting hardware
  • Includes brushless motors, speed controller and propellers
  • "Plug and play" for easy solder-less assembly
  • Requires flight controller, battery, charger and remote (TX/RX)

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Note: Propeller colors might change without notice (usually two pairs of black and two pairs of orange)

Requires (sold separately):
  • Flight Controller (MultiWii MPU6050 or MultiWii compatible suggested)
  • Battery: 11.1V (3S), 20C (min) 2000mAh (min). BAT-07 suggested.
  • 5 channel remote control (programming End Points is mandatory)

Optional (sold separately):
What's in the Combo




Sticker Kits (Optional)

Crazy2Fly Sticker Kit are available for you to customize your frame. They can be purchased in different color option. (Blue, Orange, Red, White and Yellow)