Servo Erector Set (S.E.S.) V1.1
Servo Erector Set (S.E.S.) V1.1

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  • Modular, servo-based robot construction system
  • Sample code uses advanced inverse kinematics positioning control.
  • Construct five different demo robots
  • Build 2WD wheeled robots, robotic arms, quadrupeds, hedapods
  • Programmable via FlowBotics Studio (included) or Arduino
  • All parts (servos, brackets, PS2, batteries, charger & more) are included

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About the Servo Erector Set V1.1

Think of the Lynxmotion series of servo brackets as a modular building set for servos. These components are extremely versatile, making virtually any mechanical arrangement possible. It's now possible to build custom robots to your specifications! The aluminum brackets are available in black anodized aluminum and when there is need for plastic, the parts are in durable black Lexan. Ball bearings at each degree of freedom provide for precise, low friction movement. The tubing, hubs and hub connectors are precision fit and really expand what is possible to build. They are made in the USA from high quality aluminum alloy. Unlike LEGO Mindstorms and may other modular robotic building kits, the Lynxmotion Servo Erector Set (SES) is bordering custom robotics as it allows you to integrate third party sensors and products.

How Does it Work?
You can build an entire assembly using just the bracket components, then populate the assembly with servos using only two screws for the servo horn, and four 3mm screws, washers and nuts to secure the servo body to the bracket, which make for a very durable joint able to withstand heavy loads. This makes it surprisingly quick and easy to design and build rugged assemblies. Replacing or swapping a servo is effortless, as the rest of the assembly doesn't need to be taken apart.

Hitec Servos and Brackets
Our selection of standard brackets can use most standard size Hitec analog or digital servos. The SES V1 includes four HS-422 servos and 8x more powerful HS-645MG standard sized servos. We also include a pair of continuous rotation servos to allow you to make a small wheeled rover. Note that servos from other manufacturers are not guaranteed (nor likely) to fit the SES brackets. Should you want to add to the SES kit, the HS-3xx, 4xx, 5xx, 6xx, 54xx, 56xx, and 59xx servos are verified to fit the standard brackets, providing for a wide range of torques, speeds and prices.

The large servo bracket line can use several Hitec large size normal or digital servos. The SES kit includes one HS-755HB and one HS-805BB quarter-scale servos. The HS-755MG, HS-5745MG and 805MG servos are also verified to fit. Note that servos from other manufacturers will likely not be compatible with these brackets. Although not included with the SES kit, there are also small servo brackets available for a range of micro Hitec servos.

The kit includes one 6V, 2800mAh NiMh battery pack and corresponding universal charger. The battery tends to last around 15 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the robot and how you use it. In certain cases such as the AL5D arm and SQ3 quadruped which consume high current, you will need a 9V battery to power the logic. You will also need 4xAAA batteries for the PS2 controller (not included). A wired PS2 controller is sold separately.

FlowBotics Studio V2
Included with the SES kit is the new FlowBotics Studio V2 (which itself includes the complete FlowStone programming language!). FlowBotics Studio is an easy to use graphical and text-based, Windows -compatible software for programming and controlling anything you build without the need to create lines of code. FlowBotics Studio interacts directly with the SSC-32 servo controller via Bluetooth (no need for the BotBoarduino), off-loading all of the higher level mathematics to the computer. There is also a visual representation of each of the five sample robots which you can manipulate on screen to make it easier to position the servos for each sequence. All the tools and tutorials are available to help you build upon these samples or create your own from scratch. Sample code is available for each of the five robots outlined below.More about FlowBotics Studio can be found here.

The BotBoarduino is based on the Arduino Duemilanove microcontroller, which means it can be programmed in Arduino (one of the most popular and easy to use programming languages around)!. There is code available to control each of the five sample robots using the PS2 transmitter / receiver, and once you get used to programming in Arduino, you can explore the code further, and add to it, optimize it and share it with others. Robots which use only a small number of servos such as the BRAT, 2WD Rover and AL5D arm only need the BotBoarduino. Sample code is available in order to control each of the five robots below using the PS2 controller. Download Arduino here.

SSC-32 Servo Controller
This is one of the best servo controllers available. Control up to 32 servos with up to 1uS resolution. The controller includes four analog inputs and bidirectional communication with query commands. Synchronized, or "Group" moves are easy to do, allowing you to more easily create walking gaits (there is even a 12 Servo Hexapod Gait Sequencer built in). The SSC-32 V1 uses a DB9 connector, though you can use the included Bluetooth accessories to send commands. Should you instead want to wire it to your computer and do not have a DB9 port, there is a USB to serial adapter cable sold separately.
The BotBoarduino is an Arduino Duemilanove compatible microcontroller made specifically for the Lynxmotion robots. It's perfect for controlling your small robotic projects. It has an onboard speaker, three buttons and LED's, a reset button, logic and servo power inputs, an I/O bus with 20 pins and power and ground, and a 5vdc 1.5amp regulator. The new BotBoarduino allows you not only to control servos, but store and run programs independently of a computer. The BotBoarduino can be used in conjunction with the SSC-32 servo controller for robots requiring many servos and sensors. You can also hook up the BotBoarduino to a PS2 controller for remote control of your robotic creation. More information about the BotBoarduino can be found here.
The DFRobot Bluetooth Bee wireless module adapts XBEE design. Its compact size and pinout is compatible with XBEE modules which makes it suitable for all kinds of microcontroller systems. Default pairing code is 1234. A USB Bluetooth module is included. The USB to serial (DB9) adapter allows you to connect the module to the SSC-32 (don't forget to wire power!).
Lynxmotion PS2 Controller
This 2.4ghz wireless Play Station 2 style controller has a range of 10 meters when used outdoors. The controller can be connected directly to the BotBoarduino, Two analog joysticks and 16 buttons available for robot control. Dual vibration motors provide tactile feedback for robots programmed with obstacle sensors (Version 2). We are also including a USB to PS2 receiver so the PS2 remote can communicate with the computer, allowing you to control the robots virtually.

What Can You Make?
AL5D Robotic Arm

The AL5D robotic arm delivers fast, accurate, and repeatable movement. The robot features: base rotation, single plane shoulder, elbow, wrist motion, a functional gripper, and optional wrist rotate. The AL5D robotic arm is an affordable system with a time tested rock solid design that will last and last. Everything needed to assemble and operate the robot is included in the kit and accessories such as a rotating wrist or vacuum gripper are sold separately.
The assembly guide, specifications and more for the AL5D can be found here.

AL5D Robotic Arm Control in Flowbotics Studio

AL5D Robotic Arm
SQ3 Symmetric Quadruped Robot

The SQ3 is a 3DoF per leg quadruped robot with a symmetric body design. The robot's symmetry makes this a very unique quadruped walker. The three DOF (degree of freedom) leg design provides the flexibility required to walk in any direction as well as body roll! The robot uses eight HS-645MG servos along with four HS-422 servos. The SES kit includes everything you need to make a functional robot.
The assembly guide, specifications and more for the SQ3 can be found here.

SQ3 Quadruped Control in FlowBotics Studio

Symmetric 12 DoF Quadruped Robot
MH2 Hexapod Robot

The MH2 hexapod robot is designed around a simple mechanical leg design with all metal brackets. This leg design minimizes the number of parts required to make a two DOF (degree of freedom) leg and allows this robot to be steered like a tank. Forward, reverse and in place turning is supported. The robot uses standard sized Hitec servos for the legs. The combo kit includes everything you need to make a functional robot. More information about the MH2 can be found here.

MH2 Hexapod Control in FlowBotics Studio

12 DoF Hexapod
2WD1 Rover

The Lynxmotion Aluminum 2WD Servo Robot Kit is a robust, modifiable, and expandable chassis for your RC or autonomous robot experimentation. By utilizing plastic wheels with rubber rim, robot has excellent traction. Using our small 6V NiMH battery pack and the BotBoarduino means there is plenty of room for additional sensors and electronics. Add the IR distance sensor to the front of rear of the robot to perform basic obstacle detection. More information about the 2WD Rover can be found here.

2WD1 Control in Flowbotics Studio

2WD Servo Driven Rover
BRAT Walking Robot

BRAT stands for Bipedal Robotic Articulating Transport. The robot is a 6 servo biped walker featuring three degrees of freedom (DOF) per leg. The robot can walk forward or backwards and turn in place left or right with variable speed. It can even do lots of Robo-One style acrobatic moves. Our combo kits include everything needed to make an operational robot. The electronics are mounted as a "backpack". Once you understand the principles, you can modify the legs to include additional degrees of freedom (such as hip rotation) or more complex motion.
Complete details about the BRAT, including assembly instructions, can be found here.

Biped BRAT Control in Flowbotics Studio

Simple BRAT Biped Robot

Details All information pertaining to the SES V1.1 Kit is online. The kit does not come with a printed manual. For details on what's included and how to get started: SES V1.1 Guide
Sample code for BotBoarduino