Mini-Hex Combo Kit for SSC-32/BotBoarduino
Mini-Hex Combo Kit for SSC-32/BotBoarduino

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  • Uses SSC-32 built-in 12DoF Hexapod Sequencer
  • This product includes everything you need to build a robot to control using the BotBoarduino/SSC-32. PS2 controller upgrade sold separately.
  • This kit is available with black anodized brackets and a black lexan body.

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Software Includes
  • Hexapod Body Kit - Mini (HBK-01)
  • 3 x 2DOF Alum. Leg Pair (Black) (2DOFA-BLK)
  • 6 x HS-422 (57 oz. in.) Standard Servo (S422)
  • 6 x HS-645MG (76 oz. in.) Standard Sized Servo
  • BotBoarduino
  • SSC-32 Servo Controller (SSC-32)