Vacuum Gripper Kit
Vacuum Gripper Kit

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The Lynxmotion Vacuum Gripper is a fun accessory to the AL5 series of robotic arms. This unique gripper uses an inexpensive syringe as the vacuum source. In our testing we were able to hold 3.5 ounces for over 30 minutes. The gripper will pickup any small light object that has a smooth exterior finish. The Vacuum Gripper uses one servo channel, normally the gripper open/close channel in the control software. Note: requires super-glue and common hand tools to construct.

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  • PVC parts
  • Syringe
  • 2.5' of tubing
  • Vacuum suction cup
  • Vacuum tubing elbow
  • ASB-10 bracket
  • Red servo horn
  • HS-422 servo
  • Screws and nuts
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