Single Line Detector
Single Line Detector

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A favorite with sumo robot builders, the small IR reflective sensor can easily mount to the front of your sumo robot. It is assembled using surface mount technology. Plug and Play with the Bot Board II.

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User Guides Specifications
  • Sensor type = Reflective IR
  • IR sensor = Optek OPB745
  • I/O required = One digital line (input)
  • Minimum range = 1/8" from floor
  • Maximum range = 1/2" from floor
  • Input voltage = 5vdc regulated
  • Current requirements = 18mA - 29mA
  • Overall size = 0.75" x 1.5"
The Single Line Detector is an Infrared reflective sensor, that can be attached to a sumo, or other mobile robot. The sensor delivers a stable TTL compatible high or low voltage depending on the shade of the surface it is positioned over. Use two or more sensors to make a custom line following robot. There is a status LED to make setup or troubleshooting a breeze. The LED is on and the output is LOW when the sensor is positioned over a black or dark surface, or if nothing is there to reflect off of. The LED goes out and the output is HIGH when the sensor is positioned over a white or light surface. The sensor has an 8" connector that can plug directly into our Bot Board. The circuitry could also be useful as a surface detector to keep your robot from going off the edge of a table, or tumbling down the stairs. This is a time tested rock solid circuit that will perform flawlessly.

The reflective sensor is made from a one piece Infrared LED and detector pair that are directed at the surface below the front of the robot. There is a built in level comparator with an adjustable reference point so you can fine tune the sensor for different light levels and surface conditions.