3DOF Alum & Lexan Leg Pair (No Servos)
3DOF Alum & Lexan Leg Pair (No Servos)

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This 3DOF (degree of freedom) leg is a simple yet sturdy design, perfect for Hexapod and Quadrapod robot builders. It even incorporates ball bearings in each joint. Made from the highest quality aluminum alloy and laser cut Lexan components. All required hardware is included. Ball bearing to attach leg to chassis included in chassis kits, not leg kits. Consists of Black Lexan and black anodized aluminum components.

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Assembly Guides Includes
  • Lexan Components
  • 2x Aluminum Multi-Purpose Servo Bracket Two Pack (ASB-04)
  • 2x Aluminum "C" Servo Bracket with Ball Bearings Two Pack (ASB-09)
  • 1x Rubber End Cap - .437" x 1.25" (pair) (REC-01)
  • Hip Hor. to Hip Vert. = 29mm
  • Hip Vert. to Knee Vert. (Femur) = 57mm
  • Knee to Foot (Tibia) = 108mm