Multi-Purpose Sensor Housing
Multi-Purpose Sensor Housing

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High quality black anodized aluminum bracket makes easy work of mounting any of the popular sensors. The universal mounting holes allow attaching the SRF-04, SRF-05, SRF-08, Ping))) or the Sharp GP2 series of IR sensors to a servo. Bracket can also be used to static mount the sensors to a robot body. Includes hardware to mount a single sensor to the bracket, and to mount the bracket to a servo.

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Sharp GP2D12 IR Sensor
Sharp 10cm-80cm IR Sensor

  • MPSH Assembly Guide
  • Sharp GP2D12 (or other compatible IR sensor): use both 4-40 x 0.25" steel hex socket screws with the two 4-40 nuts to connect the sensor to the bracket (upper or lower cutouts)
  • PING (or other compatible ultrasonic sensor): use the two 2-56 hex spacers as well as the four 2-56 machine screws to mount the sensor to the bracket (opposite corners).
  • The two #2 x 0.250" steep Phillips head tapping screws are used to connect the bracket to a plastic Hitec  servo horn.