6.0 Volt Ni-MH 1600mAh Battery Pack
6.0 Volt Ni-MH 1600mAh Battery Pack

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This 6.0vdc Ni-MH 1600mAh battery pack is perfect for small robots. Half the weight of an equal capacity Ni-Cad pack. 

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  • Pack measures 2.10" x 2.88" x 0.63"
  • Full charge voltage: 7.25vdc
  • Nominal voltage: 6.0vdc
  • Nominal capacity: 1600mAh
  • Max discharge current: 1.6A
  • Rapid charge: 1600mA / 1.2 hours
  • Weight 5.03 oz
The Lynxmotion 6.0vdc Ni-MH 1600mAh battery pack is made from five high capacity AA cells and 18 gauge multi-conductor wire for the best power transfer possible. The quick connect plug makes it easy to retrofit these battery packs into your cool robot design. This pack weighs 5.03oz., about half the weight of an equivalent Ni-Cad pack, perfect for your walking or fighting robot.

Note: These battery packs were rigorously tested with automated equipment that repeat the charge and discharge cycles, logging the capacity in mAh's. These battery packs routinely tested better than Sanyo packs, which cost three times as much.