Sharp 10cm-80cm IR Sensor
Sharp 10cm-80cm IR Sensor

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This is the most popular Sharp reflective IR distance sensor. It provides an analog voltage whose value is proportional to the distance of the detected object. We are including a prewired cable to make this sensor plug and play with the Bot Board.

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Multi-Purpose Sensor Housing
Multi-Purpose Sensor Housing

  • Cable - 8" (SIRC-01)
  • Sharp GP2 series analog IR distance sensor 10-80cm
You can use servo extender cables with the provided cable for more reach.
  • Servo Extender Cable - 6" (SEA-01)
  • Servo Extender Cable - 12" (SEA-02)
  • Servo Extender Cable - 24" (SEA-03)
User Guides Specifications
  • Range = 10cm to 80cm