Lynxmotion (LSS) - 3 DoF Robotic Arm (Kit)
Lynxmotion (LSS) - 3 DoF Robotic Arm (Kit)

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  • 3+1 Degree of freedom articulated four-bar style robotic arm 
  • Designed for STEM education and hobby robotics 
  • Uses Lynxmotion Smart Servo (LSS) motors 
  • Aluminum and G10 composite parts 
  • Graphical UI: LSS FlowArm software

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The Lynxmotion (LSS) - 3 DoF Robotic Arm (Kit) was designed to be an inexpensive yet highly versatile robotic arm using the fully configurable Lynxmotion Smart Servo (LSS) actuators. The four-bar mechanical design ensures the end effector remains parallel to the surface, and offloads much of the weight of the joints onto the base. Combined with the Lynxmotion conveyor system, a tabletop assembly system can be created within a few hours.
  • 3x LSS ST1 actuators
  • 3DoF base, frame, brackets, links and hardware
  • 1x Lynxmotion Mini parallel Gripper with RC servo
  • LSS Adapter (electronics interface)
  • LSS-2IO programmable microcontroller
  • LSS-5VR 5V voltage regulator
  • 12V Wall adapter with on/off switch
  • USB cable (mini B connector)
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