LSS Conveyor HD Kit & LSS-HT1
LSS Conveyor HD Kit & LSS-HT1

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  • Perfect for educational or hobby assembly system 
  • Frame made from durable aluminum extrusion, composite G10 
  • 3” wide Modular track segments with rubber friction pattern top 
  • Lynxmotion robotic arm(s) sold separately 
  • Includes one LSS-HT1 servo

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  • 49x 3” wide track segments
  • 49x rugged polypropylene axles & hardware
  • 1x Aluminum extrusion 80cm x 20cm x 500cm
  • 8x Aluminum extrusion 20 x 20 x 100mm
  • 8x Connection corner bracket
  • Composite G10 frame plates
  • 4x Sprockets
  • 2x Aluminum shafts
  • 3x Aluminum hubs
  • 1x Aluminum hub to SES adapter
  • 1x LSS-HT1 servo
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