PS2 Robot Controller (v4)
PS2 Robot Controller (v4)

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This 2.4ghz wireless RF Play Station 2 style controller works perfectly with BotBoarduino or Arduino equipped robots. The controller has a range of around 10 meters, more when used outdoors. Two analog joysticks and 16 buttons available for robot control. The receiver adapter is included as well as mounting hardware and cables. 

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User Guides
We have several Tutorials for connecting a PS2 game controller to our microcontroller. There is a BotBoarduino program that handles all of the functions of the controller.

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The Robot Controller is actually a 2.4ghz wireless Play Station 2 game controller. It includes a small receiver module with PS2 connector and two cables. No level shifter is required for this version of the remote control, though one can be used without issue. The Robot Controller requires two "AAA" batteries (not included) for use. The green LED on the receiver will blink when powered, and become solid when connection is established with the transmitter. Note that multiple units cannot be used in proximity as their signals will interfere with each other.

Connection between the BotBoarduino and PS2 level shifter: