Hunter VTail 500 Large Motor Upgrade
Hunter VTail 500 Large Motor Upgrade

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  • All parts needed to upgrade a VTail 500 for Large Motors
  • Reinforced 3mm rear arm plates
  • Fit motors of 45mm or smaller 

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Many of today's brushless motors feature a diameter larger than their height. Usually with a lower KV number which allows for a combination of larger props and lower speed motors are usually more efficient. The Hunter 500 doesn't support such motors with it's 30mm operture in the arm. The Large Motor kit uses new arms to allow motors which fit a 45mm top arm bore. We also included reinforced rear arm plates which should reduce the twisting effect on larger propeller setups.
  • 2x Top front arm Plates
  • 2x Bottom front arm Plates
  • 2x Top rear motor mount Plates
  • 2x Botom rear motor mountPlates
  • 2x Reinforced 3mm Rear arm Plates
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