Biped Pete (Hardware Only)
Biped Pete (Hardware Only)

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  • 22 DoF Biped Pete humanoid hardware only kit
  • Requires: Standard sized Hitec servo motors, electronics, software
  • Includes gripper hands
  • All black aluminum brackets and black Lexan

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  • 1x Biped Torso - A (no servos) BT-01
  • 2x Robot Hand - A (no servos) RH-01
  • 1x Black Aluminum Robot Feet (Pair) ARF-01
  • 6x Aluminum 'C' Servo Brackets with BB (Pair) ASB-09*
  • 7x Aluminum Multi-Purpose Servo Bracket (Pair) ASB-04*
  • 4x Aluminum Offset Servo Bracket with BB (Pair) ASB-11
  • Hardware (screws and nuts)
* Includes a single spare bracket

Requires the following servos, or stronger:
  • 14 x HS-645MG standard-size servo
  • 8 x HS-422HB stadnard-sized servo for hands, wrists, elbows and head
Requires the following electronics:
  • 1x SSC-32 servo controller
  • 1x Communication cable or USB to serial adapter cable
  • 4x Servo extension cables
  • 6V battery pack and charger