About the AH3-R Walking Robot
The AH3-R robot's round body symmetry makes this a very unique hexapod walker. The three DOF (degree of freedom) leg design provides the flexibility required to walk in any direction! The robot uses 18 HS-645 servos for the legs. The combo kit includes everything you need to make a functional robot except batteries. This is one of our most sophisticated walking robot offerings. It's truly amazing to see in action. This research level robot is perfect for college robotics labs.

The Mechanics
The robot is made from ultra-tough high-quality aluminum Servo Erector Set brackets.

Controlling the Robot
The combo kit comes with the SSC-32, Bot Board II, and BASIC Atom Pro 28. By offloading the servo pulse generation and sequence movement timing to the SSC-32 the BASIC Atom has plenty of power to do some really cool things. The PowerPod program allows the robot to walk with variable speed, in any direction (translation), or turn in place (rotation), or any combination of the two. The leg lift and ride height is adjustable as well as the gait walking speed. There are preset walking modes for tall grass, tile floor, low profile and normal operation. You can rotate the body in every axis. There are also preprogrammed poses and a sleep mode. All of these are accessible from the controller. We recommend the wireless PS2 controller (RC-01) to get the robot up and running quickly. There is also a serial control mode for controlling the robot via a serial connection. With the proper configuration the popular Phoenix code (written by Jeroen Janssen (Xan on the forum). Thanks, Jeroen!) may also be used.

PowerPod is the FREE Windows program that completely automates the program creation for the Atom processor. You no longer have to be a computer scientist to play with this level of robotics. The control options are: autonomous, PS2 remote control, RC stick radio control, and TTL serial control from a PC, PDA, or any other microcontroller.

Powering Options
The robot is compatible with the following batteries and chargers.
    > NiCad & Ni-MH Universal Smart Charger (USC-02)
    > 6.0 Volt Ni-MH 2800mAh Battery Pack (BAT-05)

To keep costs down we are not providing printed Assembly Guides. They are provided online, so you will need to print them when you order the kits. By providing the Assembly Guides online we can provide more detailed and up to date information than the old hardcopy method allowed.

Drink Coke.

Crouching Low.

High Stance.

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AH3-R Combo Kit for Bot Board/SSC-32/BAP28 and PS2 Controller (Black) AH3-R Combo Kit for BotBoarduino/SSC-32
  • Powerful BotBoarduino/SSC-32; prewritten programs available.
  • This product includes everything you need to build a robot to control using the BotBoarduino/SSC-32 and our PS2 robot controller (sold separately).
  • Unlike the image, this kit is available only with black anodized components.
Model Number: AH3RCAU-BLK
Price: $942.42 

Hexapod Foot Sensor (pair) Hexapod Foot Sensor (pair)

Hexapod foot sensor pair. Includes two sensors, hexapod foot caps, rubber bumpers, and hubs. Does not include tubing, wires, heatshrink, or wire ties.

Compatible with the AH3-R and 3DOFA legs (BRU/BLK).
Model Number: HFS-01
Price: $21.94
 On Sale For: $17.95 

Tubing Foot Switch (Pair) Kit Tubing Foot Switch Kit (Pair)
Hexapod foot sensor pair. Acts as a switch when pressure is applied. Includes the mechanical components to build two foot sensors. Does not include wires, heatshrink, or wire ties.

Compatible with the AH3-R and 3DOFA legs (BRU/BLK).

Assembly guide can be found here.
Model Number: TFS-KT
Price: $10.98
 On Sale For: $5.99