Quadrature Motor Encoder V2 w/Cable Quadrature Motor Encoder V2 w/Cable

Encoder = 100 cycles per revolution
Encoder = 400 quadrature counts per revolution
Frequency = up to 30khz
Note: Cable is included. Motor and mount are not included.
Model Number: QME-02
Price: $38.85 

Single Line Detector Single Line Detector

A favorite with sumo robot builders, the small IR reflective sensor can easily mount to the front of your sumo robot. It is assembled using surface mount technology. Plug and Play with the Bot Board II.
Model Number: SLD-01
Price: $16.44
 On Sale For: $13.46 

Sharp GP2D12 IR Sensor Sharp 10cm-80cm IR Sensor

This is the most popular Sharp reflective IR distance sensor. It provides an analog voltage whose value is proportional to the distance of the detected object. We are including a prewired cable to make this sensor plug and play with the Bot Board.
Model Number: SIR-01
Price: $16.44 

Force Sensing Resistor Force Sensing Resistor

This is a Force Sensing Resistor (FSR). It can be used to provide a 0-5vdc output that is proportional to the amount of force applied. Includes one FSR and one rubber bumper.
Model Number: FSR-01
Price: $5.95 

Bumper Switch Assembly Kit Bumper Switch Assembly Kit

The ubiquitous "Bumper Switch" or "Whisker Sensor" easily attaches to most of our Robot Kits. This sensor kit requires soldering. Includes the materials and mounting hardware for two 6" whiskers.
Model Number: BMP-01
Price: $11.00 

Multi-Purpose Sensor Housing Multi-Purpose Sensor Housing

High quality black anodized aluminum bracket makes easy work of mounting any of the popular sensors. The universal mounting holes allow attaching the SRF-04, SRF-05, SRF-08, Ping))) or the Sharp GP2 series of IR sensors to a servo. Bracket can also be used to static mount the sensors to a robot body. Includes hardware to mount a single sensor to the bracket, and to mount the bracket to a servo.
Model Number: MPSH-01
Price: $6.59