SSC-32U Servo Controller SSC-32U USB Servo Controller
The long awaited update to the SSC-32 has arrived! This is one of the best dedicated servo controllers available and allows you to control up to 32 servo channels with 1uS resolution as well as access to 8 analog I/O. The SSC-32U includes bidirectional communication with query commands, synchronized, or "group" moves, a built-in 12 Servo Hexapod Gait Sequencer, improved power circuit and much more! 
Model Number: SSC-32U
Price: $44.95 

SSC-32 Servo Controller SSC-32 Servo Controller
This product has been replaced by the SSC-32U USB Servo Controller .

This is the best servo controller value available. 32 channels of 1uS resolution servo control. Bidirectional communication with Query commands. Synchronized, or "Group" moves. 12 Servo Hexapod Gait Sequencer built in. MiniSSC-II emulation, like having 4 of them. Plus much more!
Model Number: SSC-32


Servo Driver Servo Driver

This handy servo driver allows you to operate your servo or like device quickly and easily. Useful for aligning servos during construction of a robot or experimenting with motor drivers without needing to write a program. Includes center position light and cycle switch.
Model Number: MX-04
Price: $25.95