Bluetooth Bee Bluetooth Bee
The Bluetooth Bee is a complete Bluetooth 2.0 module (complete with onboard antenna) whose pinout is compatible with that of an XBEE module. This module is intended to be used with the SSC-32U servo controller for wireless servo control
Model Number: TEL0023
Price: $22.90 

Spectrum DX5-E 5ch Radio Spektrum DX5e 5ch Radio
The Spektrum DX5e remote control set includes the full range 5 channel transmitter and a matching AR500 5 channel receiver. The controller has 4 separate proportional channels, and a single 30% / 60% switch. Perfect for controlling a rover and pan and tilt. Add a second set for controlling an arm on the same bot.

Note: This transmitter is not suitable for MultiWii based Flight Controller because the End Points are not adjustable.
Model Number: SDX5E-01
Price: $99.95 

PS2 Robot Controller PS2 Robot Controller (v3)

This 2.4ghz wireless Play Station 2 style controller works perfectly with BotBoarduino equipped robots. They have a range of 10 meters, more when used outdoors. Two analog joysticks and 16 buttons available for robot control.
Model Number: RC-01 v3
Price: $23.85 

USB PS2 Robot Controller USB PS2 Robot Controller

This is a wired USB Play Station 2 style controller with a 6 ft cable. Two analog joysticks and 16 buttons are available for robot control. Dual vibration motors provide tactile feedback for robots programmed with obstacle sensors. Driver disc included.
Model Number: RC-02
Price: $19.95
 On Sale For: $7.98 

Aurora 9 Gimbal Aurora 9 Gimbal
Create your own control solution! These gimbals feature high sensitivity, 8 ball-bearings, and adjustable tension. You can enable or disable self centering on both axis and enable ratcheting on the Y axis.
Model Number: GIM-01
Price: $20.95 

PS2 Controller Cable Kit PS2 Controller Cable Kit

With two analog joysticks and 16 buttons the PS2 controller makes a great robot controller. This is an ultra-lightweight do-it-yourself cable kit to make it easy to connect the game controller to your favorite microcontroller. PS2 receiver not included.
Model Number: PS2DIY-KT
Price: $4.95 

PS2 Receiver Carrier PS2 Receiver Carrier

The PS2 Receiver Carrier allows you to mount a Lynxmotion PS2 receiver above other Lynxmotion electronics such as the BotBoarduino. The kit includes all the hardware needed as well as four tapping screws which replace the four existing screws on the PS2 receiver. Slots in the Lexan allow the board to be used with other electronics. Receiver not included.

Note: This is compatible with V1 and  V2 receivers (not all receivers are compatible)
Model Number: EC-03
Price: $7.95