About the BotBoarduino
The BotBoarduino is an Arduino Duemilanove compatible microcontroller made specifically for the Lynxmotion robots. It has the 3" x 2.3" footprint so it can be attached to any of our robot kits. It retains the normal Arduino shield connections as well. 

Speaker We added a buffered speaker for making cool R2D2 sounds or for audio feedback when troubleshooting a program.  

User Interface We multiplexed three Pushbuttons and three color LEDs on three I/O pins to make a simple user interface.

Powering Options The board has two power inputs. One for the microcontroller, and one for the servos. The micro can be powered from its input, the USB connection, or the servo power input.

Analog Inputs By adding shorting jumpers you can route the power inputs to the A to D inputs for battery status monitoring.

I/O Bus The I/O bus is designed in groups of four, with a row of I/O pins, a row for power, and a row for Ground. The power row is jumper selectable to carry 5vdc or the servo voltage. There is also a four-pin I2C connection.

Shield Compatible
The BotBoarduino is compatible with 5V shields. Shields are accessory / complimentary boards which are plugged into Arduino shield compatible boards to add functionality such as buttons, I/O, motor control, data telemetry and more.

Plug and Play
The board has small screw terminals for applying power, so there is no need to solder wires. We have lots of peripherials that plug right into the I/O bus, with many more in development. There is a pull-up resistor to allow you to connect directly to the PS2 level shifter board for PS2 control.

Sample Code
The BotBoarduino has sample code and connections for the AL5 series arms (PS2 control). There is also sample code when used in conjunction with the SSC-32 servo controller to control more complex robots like quadrupeds and hexapods.

Image of BotBoarduino.

BotBoarduino BotBoarduino
Introducing the BotBoarduino, a mix of BotBoard II and Arduino Duemilanove for your Lynxmotion robot creation. It's perfect for controlling your small robotic projects. It has an onboard speaker, three buttons and LED's, a Sony PS2 controller port, a reset button, logic and servo power inputs, an I/O bus with 20 pins and power and ground, and a 5vdc 1.5amp regulator. Up to 18 servos can be plugged in directly. We have many plug and play peripherals as well.
Model Number: BBU-01
Price: $34.95