Thank you for purchasing the Lynxmotion SES V1.1 Kit. All instructions, assembly guides and sample code is available online to ensure all customers have the most recent versions. This page will be updated periodically.

Electronics Guides
Before starting to assemble a robot, it is important that you understand how to use each of the electronic parts included with the kit. This will ensure that wiring is done correctly and each module is configured for the correct setup. Note that both the SSC-32 and the BotBoarduino use physical jumpers to connect pins which manually change certain settings such as shared voltage and baud rate.
BotBoarduino User Guide (Link)
The BotBoarduino is intended to be used only if you plan to create code in Arduino / if you want the robot to be fully autonomous. The BotBoarduino is compatible with a variety of third party "shields".
SSC-32 User Guide (Link)
The v1.1 includes the SSC-32 is an easy to use dedicated 32 servo controller. It can be connected to a computer via the DB9 connector or to the Serial to XBee breakout board. The SSC-32 can also be connected to another microcontroller via the Tx and Rx pins. The SSC-32 is not "programmable" as such - you simply send it position commands. The V1.1 does not include this part.
SSC-32U User Guide (Link)
The newer S.E.S V1.2 includes the SSC-32U, which is an updated USB version of the dedicated SSC-32 servo controller. It can be connected to a computer via USB or Bluetooth Bee module. The SSC-32 can also be connected to another microcontroller via the Tx and Rx pins. The SSC-32 is not "programmable" as such - you simply send it position commands. The V1.1 does not include this part.
DFRobot Bluetooth Module User Guide (PDF)
The DFRobot Bluetooth module operates at 9600 baud (so be sure to change the jumpers on the SSC-32) and the default pairing code is 1234. The module uses the standard XBee format. Once the module has paired with the computer, the green LED located in the lower right side of the board will light up and stay solid.
Serial to XBee Breakout Board Datasheet (PDF)
The Serial to XBee breakout board is only included with the V1.1 and allows the DFRobot Bluetooth module to be connected directly to the SSC-32 board. Note that the board needs to be powered by running a pair of standard wires from the underside of the board to the SSC-32's pins (as described in the user guides).
The S.E.S. V1.2 does not include this part since the SSC-32U is already XBee compatible.
Assembly Guides
The assembly guides for each robot are here to help you set up, configure and get started with each type of robot.
2WD Rover
Assembly Guide for 2WD Rover
The rover assembly guide shows how to assemble the robot using just the SSC-32 controller (for FlowBotics Studio) or using the BotBoarduino (Arduino). We suggest building and programming this robot first.
AL5D Robotic Arm
Assembly Guide for Base v2
Assembly Guide for AL5D Arm v2
The AL5D arm can be assembled using either the BotBoarduino or the SSC-32 controller. We suggest building this robot second. Note that you will need to disassemble the 2WD rover to assemble the arm.
BRAT Biped Robot
Assembly Guide for BRAT
The BRAT can be assembled using either the SSC-32 controller or the BotBoarduino. The BRAT uses only three servos per leg which allows for basic motion. If you are comfortable with either the Arduino code or the FlowBotics Studio code, you can try to add an additional degree of freedom to each leg. Please refer to the Arduino sample code to know which pins are connected to which servos.
MH2 Hexapod Robot
Assembly Guide for 2DoF Leg
Assembly Guide for MH2 Body
The MH2 robot assembly differs slightly from the guide shown because the SES V1.1 includes 4x HS-422 servos and 8x HS-645MG servos, therefore you will need to replace two HS-422 servos with 2x HS-645MG servos.
SQ3 Quadruped Robot
Assembly Guide for 3DoF Leg V2
Assembly Guide for QBK-02 Body V1
The SQ3 quadruped is the most complex robot which can be built with the kit and is for users who feel comfortable with the electronics and software.

Sample Programs
Arduino Code
Sample projects for FlowBotics Studio can be found in the FlowBotics Studio software.

Package Contents
The SES kit contains over 500 individual components, the most important of which are listed here. Before assembling any robot, we suggest you find a way to properly organize each of the components (small drawer system, small bags, boxes or other means) to ensure the components are not lost. Should you find that any parts are missing, please contact us.

All metal brackets can be found inside the black foam padding.

2x HUB-08 SES Hub
2x ARF-01 Single Servo Bracket
12x ASB-04BA Single Bracket
4x ASB-06BA Single Bracket
8x ASB-09BA Single Bracket
6x ASB-11BA Single Bracket
1x ASB-201BA Single Bracket
1x ASB-203BA Single Bracket
1x ASB-204BA Single Bracket
1x ASB-205BA Single Bracket
1x ASB-503 Black Aluminum Channel - 3"
1x MPSH-01BA Single Bracket
1x PPS-01BA Single Bracket
1x AT-02 Aluminum Tubing - 3"
1x AT-03 Aluminum Tubing - 4.5"
1x Lynxmotion SES Hardware Bag

Black Lexan components can be found underneath the foam. Note that the Lexan plastic plates are cut with a thin protective sheet in place on both the top and bottom. This protective sheet is intended to be removed. Please note that there may be black powder residue which can be washed away.

1x Lexan SES Electronics Carrier
1x Lexan for BEC-KT
2x Lexan - Dampener
1x Lexan - Little Grip Attachment Kit
1x Lexan HBK-01 (Top and Bottom)
1x Lexan Quadrapod Mini Symmetric Body QBK-02 (Top and Bottom)
1x Lexan PS2 Receiver

Electronics can be found both inside the cardboard box and beneath the Lexan parts.

1x BotBoarduino Shield-Compatible Robot Controller PCB
1x SSC-32 Servo Controller PCB (included with V1.1 only)
1x SSC-32U Servo Controller PCB (included with V1.2 only)
1x BAT-05 6V / 2800 mAH Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery
1x 3.6 to 7.2V NiMh Battery Charger
1x 6V, 2A Wall Adapter WP-04
1x PS2 Controller to PS2 USB Cable
1x PS2 Connector + Level Shifter
1x PS2 Remote Control
1x Mini USB Bluetooth Module
1x DFRobot Bluetooth Bee (included with V1.1 only)
1x Droids SAS XBee - DTE Serial Board (DB9)
1x Sharp GP2Y0A21YK0F IR Range Sensor - 10cm to 80cm
1x Lynxmotion SES V1 Wiring Bag

Servos can be found at the bottom of the case. Note that all servos contain additional hardware (servo horns, mounting hardware etc. which are not required for the kit. We encourage you to keep this for future projects.

4x HS-422 Servo Motor
8x HS-645MG Servo Motor
1x HS-805BB Giant Scale Servo Motor
2x HSR-1425CR Continuous Rotation Servo
1x HS-755HB Giant Scale Servo Motor

1x FlowBotics Studio CD (serial number printed on CD sleeve)
Arduino can be downloaded from

1x Plastic case
1x Lynxmotion Tail Wheel Assembly Kit
1x Little Grip Kit With Rotate
6x Rubber End Cap - 0.500" x 1.50" REC-06
1x BR-NS (B) - Rotating base top
1x BR-NS (A) - Rotating base bottom