Arduino MPU6050 MultiWii Flight Controller w/pins
Arduino MPU6050 MultiWii Flight Controller w/pins

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The MultiWii MPU6050 compatible flight controller is a powerfull little board. It's an Arduino compatible platform, based around the ATmega 328 CPU, that integrates a MPU6050, a 3 axis Gyroscope as well as a 3 axis Accelerometer. 

Model Number: MWC-WITH-PINS
Price: $25.99 


  • MultiWii compatible flight controller for UAV/Drones
  • Up to 8 motor outputs and 2 servo outputs
  • Small 36mm x 36mm board size
  • Includes 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyro
  • Build-in micro USB connection
  • Includes two sets of three pin 90deg. headers (pre-soldered)

The MultiWii MPU6050 Flight Controller is made to be used in conjunction with the open source MultiWii Arduino project. Together they provide a small, inexpensive but powerful flight controller. The board comes with 90 degree pin headers already soldered. This MultiWii MPU6050 Flight Controller was made purposely for UAV/Drone applications, but since it's an Arduino board, it can be used for any Robotic project. 

Note: MultiWii flight controllers can be adjusted to have any side facing front, our pre-configured files use the USB port as the Front and not the printed Arrow on the board as reference.