Magnetic Prop Balancer
Magnetic Prop Balancer

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  • Magnetic Prop Balancer
  • Helps center the propeller
  • Includes stand and magnets

Model Number: PB2
Price: $12.99 
Weight: 0.02


The Magnetic Prop Balancer can be used to help balance your propellers by seeing if one side weighs more than the other. Screw one side of the V-shaped nut onto the threaded shaft with the V facing the center. Slide the prop onto the shaft from the opposite side, and then thread the other screw with the V facing the propeller. The propeller should automatically center using these two V shapes. Place the shaft horizontally between the two magnets and try to level the propeller horizontally. If the propeller does not drop on one side, it is properly balanced. If one side drops, two things can be done to balance the prop:

  1. Add a little bit of weight to the lighter side. This can be in the form of a small piece of clear Scotch tape. If you require several pieces, it’s best to evenly distribute the tape to minimize the effect on the propeller’s profile. 
  2. Use sandpaper to remove weight from the heavier side. It’s important to note that you should ONLY remove weight on the underside of the prop, closest to the center (this minimizes the effect on the aerodynamics. 

NOTE: Never remove weight from the ends of the prop or modify the leading or trailing edge.