10x3.3 - T-Motor - Carbon Fiber Propellers (Pair)
10x3.3 - T-Motor - Carbon Fiber Propellers (Pair)

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  • Professional Carbon fiber counter-rotating propeller pair
  • 10" diameter x 3.3" pitch
  • High efficiency with higher load ability
  • Cork wood sandwich construction
  • 5mm middle hole for traditional style motor matching

Model Number: PROP-T1033-C
Price: $40.99 


The 10" x 3.3" Carbon Fiber Counter-Rotating Propeller Pair is a multi-rotor copter CF prop for industry applications. The weight of the CF prop is concentrated in the middle of the prop with reasonable strength distribution. It is an essential element of the t-motor system. 6mm middle hole is designed for traditional style motor matching directly with t-motor style short adapter.

  • Lightweight
  • High strength
  • Prolong hover time
  • Increased loaded capacity
  • Less inertia
  • Reliable controllability
  • Safe flight necessity
  • Longer flight times
  • Working stable 
  • 100% balanced
  • Copper adaptor: ø6*ø4 x2, ø6*ø5 x2
  • Cover for assemble the CF prop directly x2
  • Screw: M3 X4