FREE Download - Lynx Rover Controller
FREE Download - Lynx Rover Controller

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Lynx Rover Controller is a Windows based program that provides real-time control of your rover. The controller supports differential drive robots that use two servo channels for drive control, and even supports an arm on board the rover. All controls can be bound to keyboard shortcuts, or a PS2 controller may be used instead.

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This program is legacy and is currently not supported.

Installation instructions
  1. Download the zipped file
  2. Right click on the file and select 'extract to here'
  3. Double click on the extracted 'exe' file to install
Version: 0.2.2
Size: ~3MB


  • Rover control in all eight directions.
  • Full control over a six servo AL5 arm using IK
  • Onscreen functions can be bound to keyboard key
  • Supports both Servo motors and motor controllers
  • Hi and Lo rover speeds
  • PS2 controller support
  • Two extra channels for headlights, horn, etc...