FREE Download - PowerPod
FREE Download - PowerPod

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PowerPod is a free downloadable utility. PowerPod makes it easy to quickly create custom Basic Atom programs for your H3/H3-R robot. The control options are: autonomous, PS2 remote control, and TTL serial control from a PC, PDA, or any other microcontroller. Many other control parameters can easily be modified with this utility.

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This program is legacy and is currently not supported.

Lynx H3/H3-R PowerPod for BASIC Atom Pro

Updated: July 30, 2009 (5.08MB)
vX.44.pmp (67KB)
PowerPod manual (368KB)
- Updated vX.44 pmp file: This version fixes a bug with Atom Pro equipped hexapods, and adds a pause in the main loop.
Lynx H3/H3-R PowerPod for BASIC Atom Pro

Updated: May 20, 2009

vX.43 Temp Fix.pmp (69KB)
- Updated vX.43 pmp file: This version is a temporary fix for Atom Pro equipped hexapods. It's verified for PS2 control only. This file will be replaced with a full update when available.
Lynx H3/H3-R PowerPod for BASIC Atom Pro

Updated: Feb. 19, 2009 (5.05MB)
vX.43.pmp (67KB)
PowerPod manual (368KB)
- Updated vX.43 pmp file: This version adds BASIC Atom Pro support. Use Atom Pro IDE version Fixes a bug with serial control programs (timeout value issue).
Lynx H3/H3-R PowerPod for BASIC Atom

Updated: Apr. 21, 2008 (5.05MB)
vX.41.pmp (58KB)
PowerPod manual (268KB)
- Updated vX.41 pmp file: Fixes a bug with compiling Bot Board II programs.
Lynx H3/H3-R PowerPod

Updated: Jan. 30, 2008 (5.05MB)
vX.40.pmp (58KB)
PowerPod manual (268KB)
Same as previous version, except:
- Includes updated manual.
- Updated vX.40 pmp file: Fixes a bug with compiling Bot Board II programs.
Lynx H3/H3-R PowerPod

Updated: Jan. 8, 2008 (5.05MB)
- COM port component rolled back from 3.1 to 3.0 (an effort to fix a known Vista bug with Bluetooth dongle issues).
Lynx H3/H3-R PowerPod

Updated: Nov. 21, 2007 (5.05MB)
- Updated vX.39 pmp file: This fixes a bug with the Autonomous behavior program.
Lynx H3/H3-R PowerPod

Updated: Oct. 5, 2007 (5.05MB)
- Updated vX.38 pmp file: The SSC-32 communication pin set to 8 instead of 15 when using "BotBoard II" option and "PS2 control" (which uses pins 12 to 15).
- Firmware update process now recognizes new SSC-32 v2 (based on Atmega 168), and and firmware version is checked before updating to ensure the correct firmware version is used.
- Bug Corrected: The new features included in the new *.pmp files were generating an error message (default value badly initialized).
- New Feature (.pmp file vX.38): PS2 controller / Bot Board connections choice (Bot Board I pin 4, 5, 6, 7, or Bot Board II pin 12, 13, 14, 15.)
- Improvement: PowerPod is now able to rebuild the "default.hcf" file if it's missing without an error message. PowerPod's full installshield no longer includes the "Params.ini" files (Com port parameters) for "PowerPod" and "Serial Port Control Panel", which avoids overwriting the settings from a previous installation. If these files are missing, the program will rebuild them automatically with default values. Entering the Firmware form now detects the SSC-32's Firmware version again instead of using the one stored upon connection, in order to show up to date information.
- Update: Some typo corrections and Manual v1.01 is updated.
Lynx H3/H3-R PowerPod (5.05MB) (228KB)
Same as previous version, but includes updated manual. If you only need to update the manual, download and unzip into your install directory.
Lynx H3/H3-R PowerPod (5.00MB)
Uninstall previous version to install this version.
New Start Menu shortcut to uninstall PowerPod and Tools folder. Some minor bugs corrected in the Master (.pmp) file.
Tools -> Serial Port Control Panel: Control a H3/H3-R robot via the PC COM Port <-> Bot Board+BA28 DB9 COM Port with a "Control->Serial Port" program. Click Connect and control the robot via the PC and mouse as a virtual PS2 controller.
Lynx H3/H3-R PowerPod (4.79MB, Beta version)
Small utility to easily create custom Basic Atom programs. Initial release.