FlyingEinstein GPS for Quadrino
FlyingEinstein GPS for Quadrino

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  • ATmega328p processor
  • I2C GPS data output
  • External antenna with SMA connector
  • LED's showing the number of satellites
  • Direct mount on Quadrino & Quadrino Zoom
  • Venus SKYTRAQ
  • SD card slot for data-logging
  • Programmed & Tested

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The Quadrino GPS is an I2C GPS module based on MultiWii and the eosbandi GPS firmware. This module easily interfaces with existing Quadrino Flight Controllers (prior to Quadrino Nano) without wiring but can also be wired to other MultiWii boards or used in non-MultiWii projects. 

Disclaimer: GPS for multi-rotors are not for the entry-level consumer. You should be an experienced pilot before attempting to use the Position Hold, Return to Home or Waypoint features of GPS enabled copters. The use of this product without due regard for safety could result in serious hurt to someone or their property.

Using the Position Hold and Return to Home features of this GPS module will require some setup and tuning on your part. This module is not as plug-and-play as the Flight Controller. We are continuing to test and refine the code and options so we expect this to improve in the future. The settings can be tuned through the MultiWii GUI Config application and/or the Quadrino Firmware Config Tool. If you have an android phone and a bluetooth module on the Quadrino you can even configure in the air! At the very least, you will need to run the Firmware Config Tool to enable the GPS features of the flight controller and to determine the Magnetic Declination of magnetic North for your local area. If you are simply using this as a GPS logging device than no configuration is required, just stick in a microSD card and you're all set to generate log files with 20 updates per second! 

Technical Specs:
  • Up to 400Hz I2C communication
  • Requires 5V that can be supplied by Quadrino FC board or by ESC BEC.
  • Hot start in 2 seconds!
  • Firmware port (bottom) fits the Sparkfun FTDI breakout board pin-out.
  • Dimensions are 1.5in X 1.4in (WxH)
  • 3D model available in STEP format
  • Supports Position Hold (PH) and Return to Home (RTH) features of MultiWii 
  • Multi-color LED bargraph shows how many satellites are being tracked. Very useful during flights to gauge how well your position hold will be. This seems to be a unique feature of the Quadrino GPS. 
  • 20Hz update rate - highest in the market for the best position hold. 
  • Based on the 56-channel Venus GPS by SkyTraq. This board regularly tracks 10 or more satellites considerably reducing the positional error. 
  • microSD socket on the bottom for GPS position logging. Review your flight path later on Google Earth! 
  • Native binary or NMEA mode. The binary mode is recommended since it reduces the communication traffic between the GPS and the embedded microprocessor. NMEA mode can be used to interface with an on-screen display (OSD) module as well as the Quadrino FC. 
  • 200mF SuperCap provides battery backup to the GPS satellite positions for hot-start between main battery swaps. Unlike coin-cell batteries supercap's don't die after a few months. 
  • High quality 4-layer PCB design for better noise immunity and RF quality. 
  • Easy to upgrade - Firmware port and electronic bus switch means upgrading the firmware on the unit is a snap! No complicated signal crossing, blink sketches or just works like it should. (Some of you know what I am mean!) More information below. 
  • Includes the Patch antenna with 6 inch (15cm) cable and SMA male connector.