How to Use

Our web store works like most web stores. You will need to create an account with your billing and shipping address and credit card information in order to make a purchase.

We encourage our customers to look at the assembly pages and any tutorials associated with the robot kit they are interested in. Additional information on the electronics our kits use is available by clicking on the product. For example the AL5DC-KT uses the SSC-32 servo controller. By clicking Products, Electronics, Servo Controllers, and SSC-32 you will find the Users Manual, Firmware Updates, PC Software, etc.

There is also additional information such as spec sheets, manuals, dimensions, etc., for almost every product. You just click on the product and scroll down.

Below is a step by step procedure for using the web store.

Step 1.
Set up and login to your user account. Click on Login from the top menu. You can login or make a new account from this screen. Make sure all your information is entered correctly! If there is a problem with processing your order, our first attempt to contact you will be via e-mail. Please make sure the e-mail address is accurate.

Step 2.
Click on Products from the left menu to begin browsing the robot kits and parts. Add what you want to your shopping cart. When you're done shopping and want to checkout, click on Shopping Cart from the top or bottom menu.

Step 3.
After you've purchased your robot, you'll want to know how to assemble it. Click on Information from the left menu, then click on Assembly Guides. Make sure you check out the assembly guides under the 'General' heading. Then scroll to the heading for the robot you purchased; if you bought L5 arm, you'll scroll to the 'Arms' section.

Step 4.
There are several tutorials listed under the assembly guides. If you want tutorials and information specific to certain electronics, click on Electronics Guides and scroll to your electronics.