Why choose Lynxmotion?
At Lynxmotion we strive to make the best, most versatile robotic kits. We use the highest quality materials to create all of our products, components and full kits alike.

We offer many complete kits, with software and programming included. This is as close to a plug-and-play experience as possible with this level of robotics kits.
Kit assembly is required, and we work hard to ensure the process is as painless as possible. No soldering is required; only basic tools such as a Phillips screwdriver are necessary.

Our assembly guides and tutorials are extremely detailed, with pictures for every step. Diagrams and schematics are included where needed for clarity.
Our Servo Erector Set line of servo brackets make it easy to create a custom robot, or customize an existing kit.

Standard sized Hitec servos are well supported, and the large and micro sized bracket lines allow you to create larger (and more powerful) or smaller (and more compact) robots.

These brackets are made of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum. We have many compatible injection-molded components as well. For larger parts such as the bodies, we use Lexan (same material as bullet-proof glass).
FlowBotics Studio uses a combination of graphical and text based programming to allow for the easy creating of robotic code and applications. Applications are programmed by linking together functional building blocks called components. Events and data then flow between the links as the application executes. All this happens instantly - there's no compiling, your application runs as you build it making development an extremely rapid process. FlowBotics Studio includes the full version of the popular FlowStone software valued at $250!. More information about FlowStone can be found on the DSP Robotics website.

Other kits in our selection are compatible with Arduino (BotBoarduino) or Basic Micro Studio (Bot Board 2), both of which are versatile text-based programming languages.
For tech support, we're just an email or forum post away. We monitor our forum constantly during business hours, and there are many other users willing to help at any given time.

You can post information about your robot project and get the recognition you deserve.
These projects have been known to spark imaginations as well as to make one think!

The technology to create complex robots is here and the costs are affordable, so get a kit and see what all the excitement is about.

Join in and become a robot builder!