Here you will find archived / legacy software which is no longer supported. Much of this software has been replaced by the free SSC-32 Servo Sequencer.

FREE Download - Basic Micro Studio FREE Dowload -Basic Micro Studio
Basic Micro Studio V2.0.0 is used with the Basic Stamp product lineup.
Model Number: BasicMicroStudio


FlowArm FREE Download - Lynx Dual Arm Controller
The Lynx Dual Arm Controller software set is a free FlowStone-based suite that is capable of controlling two AL5 arms using only one SSC-32 servo controller. Your robots can be taught sequences of motion using simple buttons for control. The Controller makes use of many of the useful functions that the SSC-32 has to offer. Create programs that can wait for a sensor input, control relays, turn LEDs on and off, and more.
Model Number: LynxArmCC


FlowArm FREE Download - Lynx Hexapod Calibration Software
The Hexapod Calibration program is a Flowstone based program to calibrate hexapods. This program is capable of setting the SSC-32 register offsets for all of the current Lynxmotion 3DOF Hexapods. Support for more bots coming soon!
Model Number: HexCalibrate


FlowArm FREE Download - Lynx Rover Controller
Lynx Rover Controller is a Windows based program that provides real-time control of your rover. The controller supports differential drive robots that use two servo channels for drive control, and even supports an arm on board the rover. All controls can be bound to keyboard shortcuts, or a PS2 controller may be used instead.
Model Number: RoverControl


FlowArm FREE Download - Lynx Servo Sequencer
The Lynx Servo Sequencer software is a free FlowStone-based program that uses movable boxes to create an interactive and visual method of creating complex routines for your robots. Grouping allows repeating sequences such as walking gaits to be created much faster and more efficiently.
Model Number: LynxSeq


FREE Download - Lynx Simple Sequencer FREE Download - Lynx Simple Sequencer
Lynx Simple Sequencer is a free downloadable utility. Easily save and play back servo positions using this simple program. Link macros together to create sequences of movements..
Model Number: Lynx Simple Sequencer


FREE Download - LynxTerm FREE Download - LynxTerm

LynxTerm is a free downloadable utility. LynxTerm makes it easy to quickly test all functionality of the SSC-32 Servo Controller.
Model Number: LynxTerm


FREE Download - PowerPod FREE Download - PowerPod

PowerPod is a free downloadable utility. PowerPod makes it easy to quickly create custom Basic Atom programs for your H3/H3-R robot. The control options are: autonomous, PS2 remote control, and TTL serial control from a PC, PDA, or any other microcontroller. Many other control parameters can easily be modified with this utility.
Model Number: PowerPod