Here you will find useful software to help you set up, configure and use many of the Lynxmotion robots.
For a list of legacy software (no longer supported) visit this page.

FlowArm PLTW FlowArm PLTW (Download)
  • Graphical interface for AL5D Arm
  • Works with SSC-32 and SSC-32U servo controllers
  • Create complex sequences easily in just minutes!
  • Created specifically for Project Lead The Way (PLTW)
  • Supports Bluetooth for wireless control
Model Number: FLOWARM-PLTW
Price: $9.99 

flowbotics-studio-cd FlowBotics Studio V2 (CD)
  • Combination of graphical and text based programming
  • Works with SSC-32 servo controller
  • Examples for AL5D robotic arm, 2WD rover, BRAT biped, SQ3 quadruped, MH2 hexapod
  • Bluetooth functionality for wireless control
  • Create complex programs easily in just minutes!
  • Includes physical CD with license number
  • Also available in download format.
Model Number: FBS-CD
Price: $39.99 

FREE Download - SSC-32 Servo Sequencer Utility (made with FlowBotics Studio) FREE Download - SSC-32 Servo Sequencer Utility (Created Using FlowBotics Studio)

The SSC-32 Servo Sequencer Utility software makes it easy to control the Lynxmotion SSC-32 Servo Controller to experiment with robotics and animatronics. This utility is an example of the type of program which can be built using FlowBotics Studio, which includes this program as an open source demo project. The SSC-32 Servo Sequencer Utility program enables you to easily move servo motors, calibrate their position, store and playback motion sequences, upgrade the SSC-32 firmware and more.

Model Number: RB-Dsp-07


FREE Download - Quadrino FCT (Firmware Configuration Tool) FREE Download - Quadrino FCT (Firmware Configuration Tool)
  • Free easy to use software to load MultiWii on a Quadrino
  • Step by Step configuration of MultiWii options
  • Copter setup that generate PID settings
Model Number: Q-FCT


SSC-32 Sequencer Lynxmotion Visual Sequencer (SEQ-01)

Lynxmotion Visual Sequencer is a Windows program for controlling anything you build using up to 32 servos using the SSC-32. The main screen allows you to add servo control boxes, and position them on a grid. This visual representation of the robot makes it easier to position the servos for each sequence. Lots of other features. The program will even generate Basic Atom and Basic Stamp 2 code as well.
Model Number: SEQ-01
Price: $39.95 

RIOS / SSC-32 Arm Control Software Lynxmotion RIOS SSC-32 Arm Control Software

RIOS (Robotic arm Interactive Operating System) is a Windows 95/98SE/2000/XP/Vista program for controlling the AL5 series of robotic arms with the SSC-32. With RIOS, your robot can be taught sequences of motion via the mouse or joystick. This extremely powerful program uses external inputs to affect the robot's motion for closed loop projects. External outputs can also be controlled. 3D image capture is possible with a GP2D12.
Model Number: RIOS-02
Price: $49.95 

Roborealm Vision Software Roborealm Vision Software

The RoboRealm Windows application contains all the tools you need for processing video images for use in robotic applications. It is easy enough for the casual user who wants to experiment with video processing, yet powerful enough for the serious robotic scientist who needs to integrate a vision system into their project. Ships on a single CD.
Model Number: RRS-01
Price: $49.89